Souris Valley United Way hosts 4th annual donor banquet

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MINOT N.D. - The Souris Valley United Way celebrated those who help the community.

At its fourth annual donors banquet, those who have given and have served the community by participating in fundraisers, donating meals or even delivering meals were honored.

Rich Berg, the Executive director of the United Way, said the entire campaign year raised more than $300,000 and that money has been given to those who need it most.

“It's just reaffirming that there are really good people in the area and they want to do good and however they can they are going to help. Next year my goal is to get even more involved with our community partners and find out what their needs are, and how we can be more of an asset to them. And then to find out from our donor base, you know what they want to support,” said Berg.

If you would like to find out what other fundraisers you can participate in at the United Way, you can visit their website