Souris Valley Animal Shelter closes doors to public

MINOT, N.D. - Tuesday afternoon the Souris Valley Animal Shelter announced their doors will be temporarily closed to the public.

The shelter is going to be remodeling and making some needed improvements to the building. In order to make it as smooth as possible they need to close the doors to the public.

However, all the animals at the shelter are still up for adoptions and volunteers are still needed, you just have to make an appointment now. I went to the shelter to find out what their plans are.

It's not a secret the shelter has had some issues with their building this year. The outdoor kennels are falling apart and the staff wants to find ways to make the indoor kennels less stressful for the animals.

To do so safely and effectively, the shelter has closed their doors to the public.

"To really deep clean the shelter and then to also get our architects in to work on new floor plans, we need to get a new sign up front. Then we also have some significant pluming issues that we need to deal with or we will have to evacuate all the pet and that is not what we want to do,” said Shelbi Water, the interim executive director at the Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

The first thing someone might think when they hear doors closing is what is going to happen to the animals? Well Waters doesn't want you to worry.

"Nothing is happening to the animals here. We have them. We have shelter staff that are still walking them, feeding them, loving them the exact same. Our day to day has not changed other than we just do not have our doors open,” said Waters.

Waters says with everything the shelter is dealing with they need your help now more than ever.

"You can come in and walk dogs, love on our cats if you're interested in cleaning we can always use people to help clean. And just general things like mowing the grass, but whatever your trait is we can definitely put it to work in a volunteer capacity,” said Waters.

Helping pets with the help of the community.

The shelter is asking for donations of senior dog food and kitten food, they are completely out of both.