Souris River Joint Board accepting bids for StARR Program demolition and restoration

MINOT, N.D.- A Souris River Joint Board program that helps rural landowners in the Souris River Basin is looking for bids to help demolish and restore at-risk buildings inside the river's flood plain.

Roughly 50 structures on nearly 30 properties have come under the StARR program's control since the program began in early 2016.

Bidders will compete for 19 properties at six different locations.

"The demolition bids were let out so that we can actually remove these structures that most likely do not have a resale value in them. If they do have a resale value, that's why we're going to put out bids for resale possibilities,” said David Ashley, Souris River Joint Board chairman.

The Joint Board will be taking bids until late March 26th.