Some registration changes for motorized watercraft

Published: Dec. 14, 2019 at 5:36 PM CST
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60,000 North Dakotan's who own motorized watercraft will soon receive a registration renewal notice and there are some changes.

Most people at this time of year aren't thinking about boats, jet skis, or any watercraft. Even so, the new three-year cycle for boat registration starts January 1.

"This year we've moved exclusively online by payment with credit card and this can be done with both renewals and new registrations," said Brian.

You can renew your motorized watercraft for the upcoming open water season starting December 15 on the Game and Fish Department's website at And this year there is a new program associated with motorized watercraft registrations, which is designed to help prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic nuisance species into North Dakota.

"The 2019 legislature established an aquatic nuisance species fund. This fund is used for the enhancing education, monitoring inspections of aquatic nuisance species in North Dakota waters. And in addition, it also is to enhance compliance with enforcement," said Brian.

To fund the new aquatic nuisance species program, the 2019 legislature passed a law that establishes an ANS fee for motorized watercraft, fishing and nonresident waterfowl licenses.

"The laws in place will create an aquatic nuisance species fee for motorized watercraft, $15 for watercraft registered in the state and this will be pro-rated with the registration cycle," said Brian.

And if you're motorized watercraft is not registered in North Dakota, but you plan to use it on lakes or rivers in state, you must purchase an aquatic nuisance species sticker for $15 per calendar year.

"The aquatic nuisance species sticker must be placed on the starboard side of the watercraft within 6 inches of the registration number and decal. For motorized watercraft registered in the state an aquatic nuisance species sticker is not required. It's sufficient to present your normal North Dakota decal," said Brian.

The additional fees are meant to protect our lakes and rivers for future generations to enjoy.