Some college students in hot water over controversial Halloween costumes

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Some college students are in hot water because of their controversial Halloween costume choices.

Several University of Charleston students are under investigation for costumes school officials are calling "racially insensitive"

One student is in an orange jumpsuit with "Freddie Gray" written on the back. Gray was killed while in police custody in 2015.

The other student has the "N" word written on his back.

We spoke with some University of Mary students Tuesday to get their take on the costumes.

"I think its probably a little bit over the line. I mean, I know a lot of people like to have edgy costumes, but at a school, you gotta draw the line somewhere," said Emmitt Brooks, University of Mary student.

"If you're dressing up as something that's encouraging violence, I don't think that should be encouraged, or even allowed," said Emily Cash, University of Mary student.

In a similar controversy; a student at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania dressed as Colin Kaepernick with a gun pointed at his head. School officials say that incident is also under investigation.