Some Minot restaurants see opportunity with arrival of 'Bite Squad' delivery service

MINOT, N.D. - A story we ran this week about some uproar online over a delivery service has generated some more discussion.

We reported that Nite Train Pizza in Minot claimed that Bite Squad was selling their food without their permission at a markup.

Bite Squad took Nite Train off of its website shortly thereafter.

We looked into it more to learn about Bite Squad and their business model. We learned some Minot restaurants are using Bite Squad and seeing some success.

Schatz Crossroads in Minot is one of the businesses that has partnered with them.

Owner and operator Krista Marshall says that BiteSquad came to them in October to partner with them. Marshall says the customer faces the same price for food as they would in-house.

Bite Squad takes a 25-percent cut of the order, though Marshall says it's allowed Schatz to share their food with customers they otherwise would not.

“I think this is a great new way to provide customers who can't come in, who are stuck at work, offices in town that have maybe five or six people, that can't take a break altogether, they can't leave the building. It gives us a way to sell food to them without them leaving where they are,” said Marshall.

If you want to learn more about some of the restaurants in Minot that Bite Squad services you can search 'Minot' on their website. They also have an app.

Meanwhile, Bite Squad has responded to our request, following the story with Nite Train Pizza. Their Chief Marketing Officer Craig Key has this to say:

"Our mission is to make our customers' day by delivering just what they want from their favorite local restaurants. We've built our business in partnership with thousands of great restaurants, the vast majority of whom see great value from us bringing them more orders and new customers. If any restaurant does not wish to be listed, we will immediately remove them upon request."