Some Dickinson businesses continue as usual during storm

Published: Nov. 29, 2016 at 9:49 PM CST
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Dickinson schools were closed Tuesday, along with all non-essential personnel and offices.

This is one of those days when some people might be happy to be considered non-essential. But there are some businesses and city departments that simply can't close for a snow day.

Walking down the halls of CHI St. Alexius, you wouldn't think there's a foot of snow outside.

"Illness doesn't take a holiday," says Dr. William Lowe, OBGYN.

The hospital was fully staffed Tuesday despite the hazardous weather. And although some patients cancelled their clinic appointments, it was just another normal day for the hospital staff.

"People get sick, babies come, they don't care what day it is or what the weather is like, so we're always here," says Lowe.

Other businesses around town say it would cost more to close.

First street, usually bustling with traffic, is quiet right now, and most of the stores on this street are closed. But there is one business that did decide to stay open throughout the storm.

"We're a new business, and we figured that there are people that need to eat. They want to go out," says DiCarlo Aroni, Owner of Cup Burrr'n.

The coffee and waffle shop Cup Burr'n only welcomed seven customers Tuesday, but the owners say they'll be open the next snow day, too.

"We'll probably stay open for five hours, then close early and open kind of late," says Aroni.

Serendipity Coffee across town is only closed on Christmas and Easter - and Tuesday was no different.

"We had food deliveries today, we had Cisco and U.S. Food, so we're here for the trucks early in the morning. And we have fresh food coming, so we want people to come out and enjoy that," says Nicole Geiszler, Owner of Serendipity Coffee.

Dickinson received 11 inches of snow Tuesday.