Social Security tax relief heading to the Governor’s desk, charitable gaming changes fail

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The conference committees on tax bills were very busy the last two weeks and finally passed out some compromises to give tax relief to Social Security benefits and lower the tax rate on e-pull tab machines. Only the first one passed through the chambers.

HB 1174 will remove the state’s taxes on social security benefits for a person who makes up to $50,000 from all sources of income or $100,000 for a married couple. According to a fact sheet prepared for legislators, this will save an individual about $250 a year. The fact sheet also says about 30,000 eligible filers will save around $7.3 million.

“The nature of conference committees is that it was compromise and we compromised somewhere in the middle. You take the $4.2 million fiscal note the Senate passed versus the full gambit, the $20.8 million, the House passed and we met somewhere in the middle with the $7.3 million where it still encompasses 60 percent of seniors,” said Sen. Jordan Kannianen, R-Stanley.

While that bill passed, HB 1533 failed in the Senate. This bill would have lowered the tax rate for e-pull tab machines under the state’s charitable gaming laws and put money into a gambling addiction fund.

The bill failed 43-4