Snow removal is a lucrative business in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

"I just don't want our clients to slip and fall on the ice so I thought I would do a little shoveling," said Peggy Sundby, Williston resident.

This morning, residents got an early start plowing away the snow. With last week's forecast of eight inches of snow, city crews were able to plan ahead.

"We break up our teams into two different teams when we have this much snow. We will bring in contractors to help us out. Public works and all of our trucks will stay in one area and then will run the contractors in a different area," said Jim Engen, Williston Public Works Superintendent of Roads and Streets.

Driver safety is the number one concern for crews, which is why they've already cleared the roads that has the most traffic.

"We have several trucks downtown. We're running 12 trucks downtown and we run 12 trucks on our other streets with the school zones," says Engen.

Sundby says the snow removal hasn't been too overwhelming. Luckily she had some help.

"Someone had plowed it a little bit, but just a little path. I wanted to make a bigger path and try to get some of the ice up," Sundby said.

City workers have been at it since 2 a.m. and though they are losing sleep, they are receiving positive feedback for their efforts.

"I live off 11th Street and they get that cleared pretty quickly. I'm happy with the cleaning that they do; they get the emergency routes first and the high traffic roads first," said Arthur Miller, Williston resident.

Though the storm is behind us and there's still a lot of cleanup to do, there is a bright side.

"I definitely know the farmers need the moisture here, so I know it may be a little inconvenient with the driving right now but it will warm up, the snow will melt, and the farmers will definitely appreciate it," Miller said.

It also helps to know that Spring is on the way.