Snow clean up

BISMARCK, N.D. - Many Bismarck and Mandan residents are waiting for the weather to change as they are once again digging out.

Here we are for part three of this snow storm. The familiar sound of shoveling and snow blowers could be heard shortly after the flakes stopped falling. For the third time this week people are cleaning up the wintery mess. Historic snowfall hitting the central and eastern half of the state.

"Too early...too early, that's what I think about it" said Keierra Miller, of Des Moines.

Some are feeling frustrated at mother nature for the premature winter season

"I had everything done to the concrete and I woke up this morning and it was almost like we hadn't done anything," said Mike Thomson, of Bismarck.

Now, some are preparing for a long winter ahead.

"Yeah, I know. Halloween is going to be crazy. The kids are going to be in snow pants and everything instead of Halloween costumes," said Hailey Aller, of Bismarck.

Snowfall totals are not as significant in Bismarck as they were yesterday but wind and wet snow is making it difficult for drivers to get around.