Slow iPhone battery replacements

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BISMARCK, N.D. - If you're experiencing a slow battery performance on your iPhone, it's time to get your battery replaced.

Apple has determined slow batteries in iPhone 6s devices and they're charging $29 to get it replaced.

But, Experimac in south Bismarck is offering it for less.

They are replacing batteries for $25, and they've been busy ever since.

"Anywhere in Bismarck or North Dakota for that matter you'd have to send it off to Apple to have that repair done, we don't have any Apple stores. So being that we're kind of North Dakota's Apple store, we figured we'd just hop on and do it for $25 so people don't have to send there phones in," says Taylor Rash, Owner of Experimac.

This battery replacement deal goes through January.

Experimac is planning on opening up another store in Fargo this Spring.