Sloulin International Airport hosts emergency response training

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Many Williston residents might have been alarmed Saturday to see several emergency responders at Sloulin Field International Airport. But not to worry, it was all part of the triennial Aircraft Disaster Emergency Response training.

The exercise provides emergency responders an opportunity to assess their capabilities, plans, policies, and procedures. The Federal Aviation Administration requires airports across the county to complete this training. The scenario emergency responders dealt with Saturday, was an inbound commercial jet unaware of 80 miles per hour wind gust. As the plane was about to landed, its wing hit the ground and sent the plane spinning and the aircraft separated into two pieces. Officials hope this exercises strengthen things like, improving the handling of mass patient care incidents and implementing local emergency operation plans.

"One thing that most people always work on is communication. Anytime you get this many agencies together, it's always communication, working together to make sure we are always on the same page," says Steven Kjergaard, Sloulin Field International Airport Director.

"There were some things that went really well and some things that needed to be worked on, but that's well expected. I was really happy with the outcome," says Mike Smith, Williams Co. Emergency Services Director.

Fifteen agencies from all levels participated in the exercise.