Skogen reflects on Bismarck State College tenure

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck State College president Larry Skogen says he'd been thinking about retirement for some time and it's time to get new leadership at the school.

When president Skogen steps away next June, he's not going to just sit around and do nothing. He's a historian by trade, and says he hasn't been able to practice as much as he wants. Now he's stepping away on his terms, getting ready for the next part of his life.

Going into his 13th and final year as president, Larry Skogen still hand signs hundreds of notes for academic achievements. When the calendar reaches July 1, 2020, the historian will go back to his own academic projects.

"I really want to get back to that. I've got some projects that've been on the back burner for far too long. So I'm hoping to do more research, do more reading, do more writing,” said Skogen.

Skogen oversaw a campus expansion that brought in new residence halls, career academies and health sciences buildings. he also spent time as the interim chancellor of the state's university system, overseeing large budget cuts during the oil bust. Current Chancellor Mark Hagerott graded Skogen's performance.

"He's an A triple plus. He's got his ear to the ground on how to run an enterprise, balance budgets,” said Hagerott.

As for the next president?

"Higher ed is changing dramatically. The workforce needs of North Dakota are changing dramatically. I would hope that she or he is in a position to see that vision as the rest of the campus sees that vision and to be able to move forward on that trajectory,” said Skogen.

Skogen's last day is June 30 of 2020. Hagerott says a new president will be in place by next summer and they'll begin forming the search committee to find his replacement.