Signed USMCA affects North Dakota farmers

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MINOT, N.D.- The U.S-Mexico-Canada Agreement was signed into law Wednesday by President Donald Trump.

For some farming industries in North Dakota, such as barley and wheat, the agreement is seen as a good thing that will provide benefits for exports.

John Weinand, a board member North Dakota Grain Members Association says the agreement will lead to more profitable exports for grain.

"I think he did a great job for us, I mean in the beginning there was a lot of angst amongst ag groups and in the end I think we've turned out to have a really good agreement. One of the pluses of this agreement is our North Dakota wheat will not be downgraded automatically going into Canada as was previously happening under the former agreement so that's a big plus for us here,” Weinand said.

Other North Dakota industries, like canola, aren't expecting to see major changes.

Barry Coleman, the executive director of Northern Canola Growers, says having an agreement in place is still a good thing.

“While the passage of the USMCA certainly is good for a lot of agriculture in the US, from a canola standpoint things won't change very much. It's not materially different from NAFTA agreement that we had prior to this. Not having an agreement in place would not be a good thing so it is certainly good that we have this agreement,” Coleman said.

This trade agreement is expected to improve fair trade and expand exports of American Agricultural products.