Shopping safely during the holidays

BISMARCK, N.D. - Did you happen to see police officers while you were out shopping for Black Friday?


Target and Best Buy in Bismarck requested a couple of extra police officers to keep the calm during the kick off the holiday shopping season.

"Every year we have requests for additional contract police officers to mainly stand by in the parking lot, especially if there is large crowds of people lined up just to kind of maintain order," said Bismarck Police Department PIO, Mark Buschena.

With holiday shopping season kicking off, police want you to remain vigilant.

The Bismarck Police Department says the increase of shoppers can bring more thefts.

"We have thefts from motor vehicles year round. But this is really an opportunity for thieves now. Especially when people start buying large amounts of property. So, instead of just casually tossing them in the front of back seat where they can easily get ripped off. Lock them securely in the trunk," said Buschena.

Police also recommend to not leave purses unattended when shopping and to keep an extra eye on children.