Severe weather stretch damaging Carson ranches

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GRANT COUNTY, N.D. - Severe weather isn't in short supply this week and farmers and ranchers in the southern part of the state are feeling it.

Broken windows, damaged crops-it's now an insurance game to see how bad the damage is.

Grant County has seen two severe storms in the last five days and there could be more on way. Right now the hail is causing more than just headaches, but actual damage. A weekend hail storm threw baseball sized hail onto Brett Zenker's ranch.

"Well me and the wife were stuck in the pickup while it happened because we couldn't get in the house,” said Zenker.

His trucks, equipment, and barn caught the damage. The hail, massive compared to an egg leaving this pickup sitting idle.

"Definitely needed on a day to day basis and I can't use it at the time being. It got every vehicle on the place,” said Zenker.

Broken glass and busted tin comes with a hefty price tag

"Roofs on buildings, by the time you tear them off and put them back on, all the glass in vehicles, a newer semi got beat up. I'd say it's all of $100,000 if not more,” said Zenker.

And yet it could've been a lot worse. Zenker says the hail did almost no damage to his crops and pastures. The storm also dodged hundreds of cattle, some of them a few months old.

He says severe weather is something ranchers always have in the back of their mind this time of year, and they’re waiting to see if more is coming over the next few days.