Severe storm hits McCone County

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 5:48 PM CDT
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Hundreds of Montanans in McCone County will likely be without power for the next two to three days after a severe wind storm took down more than 100 electricity poles last night.

The storm also took off the roof on a home of a Brockway resident, knocked down several grain bins, sheds, and completely destroyed an airport hangar and three barns.

There were no injuries reported. The Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) coordinator says cleanup could take several weeks, and four electric companies are assisting in getting power to people.

“Parts of Glendive and Vida, and all of Jordan, the town of Jordan that are out of power right now. So that is obviously our biggest concern," said McCone County DES Coordinator Keri Taylor. "We’re trying to get people back up and going. People who don’t have backup power, we’re trying to get them taken care of.”

Taylor says residents were warned about the storm three days ago, and they’re used to having a couple of bad storms a year, but usually not this early.

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