Outdoor ice skating rinks open in Bismarck

BISMARCK, N.D. - With mother nature being unpredictable it's been hard for the Bismarck Parks and Recreational office to freeze their ice rinks.

Although it's been a tough time getting the ice rinks open for ice skaters, the rinks are finally open to get shredded.

Tatley Eagles Park and VFW Post Family Recreational Park are a few of the outdoor ice rinks that are open in Bismarck.

Families are already enjoying being outside ice skating, despite shoveling the snow first.

"This is something I've grown up doing. Being from Minot, we had a rink right down the road from us. We used to go pretty much every day going ice skating, so I'm kind of getting my daughter introduced into ice skating and that also," said John Larson of Larsons tattooing.

More outdoor winter activities include sledding and cross country skiing. For more information on the rinks you can go to bisparksorg.