Service members still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War

Former POW Capt. Carl D. Chambers, far right, of Yuba City, is greeted by his wife while at left, Lt. Col. Robert Stirm of Foster City meets his family following the servicemen's arrival from the Philippines at Travis AFB, Calif., March 18, 1973. (AP Photo/Sal Veder)
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On Feb. 12, 1973, the first group of Vietnam War POWs returned home signaling the closing of the war.

They were finally reunited with family and friends after spending months in enemy camps.

Local POW/MIA movement members say more than 1,500 service members are still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

"Our mission is to hopefully get them all home, but yes in '73 it was great to hear it, it was great to hear that the war was winding down," said Butch Olson, Vietnam veteran.

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency says in total, more than 81,000 American soldiers are unaccounted for since World War II.