Self-driving cars roll into Mandan

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It's futuristic and it's on the road now. We're talking about self-driving cars.

This car has a steering wheel, but you don't need to put your hands on it while you're cruising down the highway.

"I think that a lot of people are hesitant to the idea of your car driving for you but with technology now, it's just the direction the automotive market is going to go,” says Brady Schwan with Schwan Buick/GMC

Cadillac dealers around the country just received a CT6 with "Super Cruise" technology. It drives the car on the interstate without the driver steering or braking. Schwan took us for a drive to show us how the technology works.

"I tap the super cruise button, take my hands off the wheel and now the car is completely in control,” said Schwan.

The vehicle uses sensors, camera and GPS to constantly analyze its surroundings. Schwan took us for a drive on I-94 to show how it adjusts for speed and steering. You still have to pay attention. There are limits to what the technology can do.

"The cruise control won't activate in a blizzard or in foggy because it knows it doesn't have good visibility or radar range so good conditions, the car will take over and drive on the interstate,” said Schwan.

As time moves forward, so will this technology. We reached out to State Farm asking about insurance concerns. They provided a statement saying:

"We play an active role in collaborative, multi-industry conversations and research that focus on reducing crashes through technology, identifying new risks that technology may bring, and seeking opportunities to provide value to State Farm and our customers."

We also reached out to the Highway Patrol about how it plans to enforce traffic laws with this technology, but we have not received a response yet.