Self-defense trainer focuses on relying on your dog during times of need

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Dogs can provide companionship and love, and Bismarck self-defense trainer also says they can be a best friend during times of need.

Most people don't think about their dog as a defensive tool when on a walk. Beth Warford wants to change that.

"If you have a dog with you it's really a deterrent because people just don't want to go near that dog they think that they're probably going to get bitten," said Warford, Pretty Loaded Founder.

Pretty Loaded is a self-defense company, Warford says dogs are also excellent at alerting owners to strangers in public or at home. The company's latest training video focuses on four-legged friends and safety because of subscribers' interest.

"We asked them what do you want to see and a lot of people wrote in about dogs," said Warford.

Warford says most burglars won't approach a home if they hear or see a dog.

"We hope you don't ever need our training, but if you do, it could possibly save you from something really bad," said Warford.

Warford believes dogs always want to protect their owners, but that people can find canines trained to protect. They got Hatcher from Fortress K9, a company that also helps put trained canines into active soldiers homes.

The Bismarck company has other self-defense videos and online training that's used by people around the world.