Seeds of Hope kicks off Christmas season with spirit

BISMARCK, N.D. - Christmas cheer is making its way to Bismarck, a little early.

The Christmas Store at Seeds of Hope opened Friday afternoon.

Seeds of Hope is bringing out the snowmen and the nativity sets to kick off the holiday season.

“This is when we open it on Friday before Halloween," said Seeds of Hope Assistant Manager Dorinda Eckroth.

Christmas cheer is near and Seeds of Hope likes to spread the joy.

"The reaction usually is the same--the person will come in and say I never knew this existed, so, and then they come back," said Seeds of Hope Volunteer, Dorothy Thomas.

Snowmen, Santa’s, trees and more. People donate items year round for this.

"It's just like you're in a fairytale land every day,” said Thomas.

This year they're dedicating the Christmas Store to one of their volunteers who passed away, Myrt Armstrong.

Myrt was a strong advocate against domestic abuse.

And like every year, proceeds go to a cause.

"To the abuse adult resource center and the women and children of domestic violence," said Eckroth.

Christmas merchandise sells quickly and there's never any inventory held over for next year.

"We get rid of everything and at the end we end up giving it away which isn't a whole lot left," said Eckroth.

There's 59 days left before Christmas and this store is already in the Christmas spirit.