Scouts BSA program

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This is the first month that girls have been allowed in the Boy Scouts of America as part of the new Scouts BSA program.

Nationwide more than 1,600 girls started their trail to Eagle Scout on Feb. 1.

Kids are already having fun at troop recruiting events in Bismarck-Mandan. Around a hundred girls joined the cities' Cub Scouts last year and the area's five troops are waiting for them to cross over to the BSA in March.

"I say it's about time. Girls have been doing these activities alongside their brothers for years. The only difference is they weren't allowed to be recognized for it. Providing them the opportunity to say 'yes I did that, and here's the proof too,' it's about time," said Marie Mott, parent and district executive.

Scouting families are excited to get everyone more involved.

"A strong family tradition in scouting. My father was an Eagle Scout, I'm an Eagle Scout, and I have one son and two daughters, and often we're going to scouting events and my daughters were having to tag along or stay home and miss out on the activities that they really wanted to participate in," said Rob Gilkerson, field service assistant director.

North Dakota's first all-girl Scouts BSA troop started in Minot with six members.

"Well, for us now it really means that we can do these things together as a family and I'm not expected to decide am I going to be there for my son or am I going to stay home and be with my daughters,'" said Mott.

Troops are forming all across the state. To sign up or find out more you can go to