School safety study receives approval

Final approval is being given for a school safety crossing study.

Tuesday the Mandan City Commission heard the plan for the year-and-a-half-long project, looking at issues of getting kids to school for public schools in Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln.

The group presented its plan to the Bismarck and Mandan city commissions and school boards, receiving approval from all. Looking at 33 schools across the area, they made recommendations on all types of transportation from walking to biking to driving.

"If we can do things like connecting sidewalks, improving crosswalks, changing where our bus loading, unloading and where our parent loading, unloading are at so they're not combined, all those things are kinda proven methods to improve safety around school sites,” Peggy Harter of Stantec Consulting Services said.

The study has to be approved by the Bismarck Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization at the end of this month, and then can be used by the schools to apply for grants and federal funding.