School districts seek community feedback

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 4:04 PM CDT
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Williams County School Districts #1 and #8 created a Thoughtexchange to gather community feedback about the potential reorganization plan.

Thoughtexchange is an interactive website tool that brings people together to answer open-ended questions, with comments shared confidentially among participants and rated from one to five stars based on agreement. Participants have the opportunity to rate and answer questions as many times as they choose. The reorganization committee is hoping to use the data collected to better understand public perception of the already divisive topic.

"I think the Thoughtexchange should be as open-ended and as broad as possible to encompass as many responses as we can because we might not be thinking of something that a lot of people are, so we don't want to make the question too restrictive that it's a very narrow answer," says District #8 board president Chris Jundt.

Participation will be open to the public until noon on Tuesday, June 30th. You can visit the link below to participate