Schirado Inventions meant to help farmers and ranchers

GLEN ULLIN, N.D. - A Glen Ullin farmer and rancher wants to make his industry more profitable.

Richard Schirado is doing it by inventing products and manufacturing some of them himself.

Schirado and his wife run the company Schirado Inventions out of their home north of Glen Ullin.

Schirado says he's always looking for ways to fix problems he faces.

“My whole life actually I always liked to make things or solve problems,” Schirado said.

It's how he came up with some of the products he uses on his own ranch to save both time and money, something he wants to help others do with items like a remote controlled gate, wrap cutter, remote controlled water hydrant, mailbox clip and more. Schirado Inventions, which was founded in 2014, recently teamed up with Pride of Dakota to sell some of the products

“It opens the door for us to get our products into Pride of Dakota retailers it just broadens our marketing,” Schirado said.

Schirado says he works with an engineer to make a few of the products, however some are manufactured by him and his wife.

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