Sargianna Wutzke runs for Bismarck School Board

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 8:27 PM CDT
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Seven people are running for two open seats on the Bismarck School Board.

Among those candidates is former North Dakota educator Sargianna Wutzke.

Wutzke said she is running because she believes it is essential to have someone who's been in the school system on the school board.

Wutzke said she feels the biggest challenge in the district is school safety.

Wutzke said to provide better safety, she feels the district needs to have behavioral health professionals working along with teachers to ensure that a support system is in place for kids with behavioral health needs.

She also says school safety policies and procedures need to be updated yearly to include input from teachers and support staff.

Wutzke said, "I believe that I have the qualities needed to be on the school board. I'm very well rounded in the sense that I've worked in a school district before as well as I've started my own non-profit and have a business before, so I believe that kids need to have the best education possible and I want to be on the school board to ensure that that's happening."

Election day is June 9.