Sanford POWER’s Bismarck location focuses on healing and training

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Being an elite athlete requires year-round training, which can be challenging during the North Dakota winters. Sanford POWER's new facility in Bismarck will train hundreds of athletes a day, but it's also a place for injured athletes to heal.

"We can kind of take them through a logical progression from therapy to sport without ever having a really big shock to their system just going into a sport,” says Sanford athletic trainer Troy Guptill.

The 21,000-square foot-facility will have physical therapy, athletic training and strength and conditioning under the same roof, which research shows can provide better patient outcomes.

"There's a gap between physical therapy and putting an athlete back on the field. We were not able in our old location to fill that void and now we will,” said POWER manager Mike Salwei.

Salwei says athletes can train or recover in a dedicated space.

"This will have a little bit more of machine based workouts. It just has a little more of what a PT needs,” said Salwei.

Which will get athletes off the bench and back on the field. The building will officially open on November 1.