Sanford Health endorses Carson Wentz

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BISMARCK, N.D. - One of North Dakota's favorite sons has been making noise around the country. Philadelphia Eagles' rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz has been an instant success so far in the NFL. That has led to many endorsement deals, including a new one with Sanford Health.

You can say a lot of things about rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, but you can't say he forgets where he came from.

After one of the most successful starts to a quarterback career in NFL history, Wentz spent much of his bye week back in North Dakota.

News came Monday that he's signed a new endorsement deal with Sanford Health. And he's reunited with an old face.

"He's a tough, competitive kid. He spent quite a bit of time that summer before getting ready for his senior year and then before he left to go to NDSU so, great kid, just as competitive as he is today," says Mike Salwei, General Manager Sanford Power.

Wentz has a history with Sanford Health too. They helped him recover from a hand injury to comeback and lead the Bison to another national championship.

"You know the partnership means a lot to me. It was really a no-brainer. The support that Sanford has really had on North Dakota State Athletics programs, especially with the football program, has been unbelievable," says Carson Wentz, Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles.

Salwei doesn't want to take credit for Wentz's success, he just wants Wentz to be an example for other young North Dakota athletes.

"Sanford Power does not hold a secret to developing an athlete. Sure, we played a small role in Carson's life to get where he's at, but so did NDSU, so did Century High School. A lot of those people into that, into him making it where he's at today," says Salwei.

Wentz and the Eagles return to the field Sunday when they take on the Detroit Lions.

Those who have followed Wentz for a while aren't surprised by his hot start. For them it's just liking watching him on Saturdays in the Fargo Dome.