Samsung virtual reality gives users up-close, 360-degree viewing experience of 2016 Olympic Games

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Billions of people across the globe will tune in to this year's Olympic games in Rio. But this year, fans have the opportunity to get a first-hand experience from the comfort of their living rooms.

For countless Americans, excitement has been gaining momentum on the "Road to Rio" in the months leading up to the Olympics.

Now, sports fans can get a front row seat to the games, without having to leave the country.

"Everything from the opening ceremony to the closing will be capturing incredibly powerful first-person video from the event," says Tom Harding, Director of Samsung's Immersive Products.

This is the first year that the world's biggest sporting event can be experienced through virtual reality.

Harding explains that seeing is believing.

"I think virtual reality is a really transformative technology. It allows you to teleport yourself to these incredible moments to be there in the center of the action experiencing it for yourself," says Harding.

And while VR used to be a limited and expensive technology, access is wider than ever before.

The Samsung headset to view Olympic events is relatively affordable at around $100.

"That's really brought the experience of what it's like to truly be at the event to a very large audience to experience it in a completely new profound way," says Harding.

To see the games in Rio, users will need a gear VR headset, a compatible Samsung device and the free NBC sports app.

Over 100 hours of virtual reality content will be available throughout the Olympics.

"You really are in the center of the action, able to look in any direction around you, be it the action in front, to the periphery to the crowd behind you," says Harding.

It might just feel like you're the one getting the medal - going for gold with the help of technology.