Safety tips for summer boating season

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When you're gliding through a river on a beautiful day, safety may never even cross your mind.

But it's something you should be thinking about before you take your first dip for the summer season.

"I always remind boaters when they come in to visit us that check in with game and fish. Just make sure that there's not nay rules changes along that line that might affect them," said Keri Wanner, Moritz Sport And Marine brand manager.

Before you hit the shore, boats should be winterized and fueled up, with paddles and a fire extinguisher on board.

When it's time to rev up the engine and hop in, remember: Life jackets are a must.

Before you even hit the water, you're required to have several of these in your boat. And whether you're a child or an adult with years of experience, it's important to be wearing one of these because accidents do happen.

"Obviously, it's like wearing your seat belt. We can't always convince everyone to do it, but it's better to be safe than sorry," said Wanner.

Check the weather conditions before you head out windy days with overcast skies could mean a difficult day on the lake.

And remain alert.

"Drivers need to be paying attention all the time. It's easy when there's a lot of things going on in the boat to not be paying attention to where you're going. SO on busy boating days, it's important for that driver to be paying attention to being command of that boat," said Vallely.

And like driving, always make sure there is a sober driver for a safe trip.