Sabre Dogs looking for summer housing

MINOT, N.D.- Baseball season still feels far away, but when you’re new to town, preparation takes a little longer than normal.

"We're looking for host families right now," said Savannah Young, Sabre Dogs co-general manager. "We have 30 players on the roster right now. We only have about 6 host families."

That’s not including the eight Sabre Dog interns that also need housing.

"We have a lot of players from California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, literally everywhere," Young said.

She said she knows first-hand how grateful players are for host families.

"I was able to live with a host family. They were awesome. They treated me better than my family treated me," Young said.

The families also benefit from hosting these athletes.

"All of our families get season tickets to the games and in-ballpark discounts," Young said.

And forget the babysitter if you have kids.

"If you want someone for your kids to look up to, these are the types of guys your kids should look up to," Young said.

Hosting a player takes the burden off of them of having to search for housing in a city they've never lived in before.

"And you never know, maybe one of your players will make it to the big leagues," Young said. "All our players really need is a home away from home."

If you have an empty guest room, consider making it a home for your very own Sabre Dog.