Saber Cyber Tech Club helps troubleshoot at Legacy High School

BISMARCK, N.D. - Technology is changing the way schools operate. When computers were first introduced, the goal was to have one in each classroom, then there were several of them, which students would take turns using.

Now, at Legacy High School, every student has his or her own Chromebook, a lightweight laptop that they use for most of their work. And, it also takes the place of most textbooks.

So what happens if the Chromebook breaks down?

They're high school super heroes. Or in other words, members of the Saber Cyber Tech Club. It's their challenge to get a malfunctioning Chromebook back in shape, saving the district a lot of money.

"Some of the them range from a broken screen, take it out, put a new one in. And a lot of them, a few of them, we don't know what's wrong with them. So it's a lot of troubleshooting to figure out what could possibly be wrong," said Jacob Langerud, Legacy High School senior.

There are 38 club members, about twice as many as the year before. And they have their own workspace right in the open, where classmates can find them.

"They're doing some of this work at home, you know. They're fixing Grandma's computer, things like that. So honestly, it was really just about learning the intricacies of Chromebooks and how to support them," said Aaron Preabt, technology project leader.

They also help out at public events. For instance, they'll help with setting up the computer systems and offer their expertise at the Great American Bike Race.

"We're going to be talking to people, helping them troubleshoot in case something goes wrong, 'cause it's computers, of course. Something has to be a little off," said Morgan Drake, Legacy senior.

And they're gaining plenty of experience. They repair a couple dozen Chromebooks a week. While most of the remedies are simple, they also have spare parts to replace whatever is broken.

Only two members of the tech club will be helping out at the Great American Bike Race on April 8th, but they'll be right at home, since it's being held in the Legacy gym.