STEM students design playground

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RICHARDTON, N.D. - Taylor's High School STEM ll students designed an entire playground for the fourth through six grade students.

The students knew they wanted help from their younger friends in developing a fun, handicap accessible playground, something the community as a whole could enjoy.

Senior Alexius Shear said, "We do have some handicapped kids here and we have some kids with Down Syndrome, so we wanted to make it like fun for everybody."

From the page to the playground, two pieces are already in place. Workers put in a basketball and a gaga pit, with instructions from the juniors and seniors.

Sixth grader Nolan Kuntz said, "My favorite would be Gaga Pit now because it's kind of more busy and we have more people on it."

The playground took about four weeks to design and will cost an estimated $242,000 to finish.

Science teacher Rhonda Kuntz said, "It was based on community needs, so it's not just for the school, it's not going to be you know sectioned off or sequestered off everything you could possibly want we have kind of thrown into this design."

The school has been fundraising and so far has raised $21,000 for the project.

To get the project done, the upperclassmen delivered their plans to the Parents Active with School, or PAWS group. PAWS then took the plans and got the developer to build them.

The district hopes to complete the full playground fall of next year.