Ruth Meiers may close men's emergency shelter in Bismarck on 23rd Street

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Ruth Meiers Men's Emergency Shelter on North 23rd Street in Bismarck is up for sale and could be closing its doors.

The emergency shelter is looking for a new owner, and this could mean there'll be more homeless people on the streets soon, because they'll have nowhere else to go.

The Ruth Meiers men's emergency shelter is in a financial struggle.

The interim director of Ruth Meiers says they're refocusing their resources into something else.

"We're looking at where our resources are going to go, where our resources are really needed in the community, and we also feel that with this programming change that men's emergency shelter is just part of it, but this is a bigger conversation for the community," said interim director Steven Neu.

But, with the shelter potentially closing, where will all these homeless men go?

"They're going to be on the streets, they're going to be sleeping in parks and everything. I just don't see it being a good thing all the way around," said Keal Marson, previous employee of Ruth Meiers.

The closing of the shelter isn't just about one agency it's about the community.

"I think what's most important thing, really, is that the community the churches that we come together and say we're not going to abandon these vulnerable people, and we're going to find a new solution," said Sister Kathleen Atkinson with the Ministry on the Margin.

Before the shelter is sold, Ruth Meiers will continue to lend a helping hand.

"Whoever buys it, we will work with those individuals to accommodate transition of the residents that we have in apartments and also the transition of the homeless shelter part for men, with another agency or as a group," said Neu.

Sister Atkinson believes someone will respond to the homelessness in the community and keep the emergency shelter open.

Ruth Meiers hopes to keep managing homelessness with the help of the Bismarck-Mandan community and the city government.