Ruth Meiers Hospitality House men's shelter soon to be under new ownership

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The former Ruth Meiers Hospitality House men's shelter on 23rd Street in Bismarck will soon be under new management, but it's still unclear if there will be a homeless shelter for men this winter.

The men's emergency shelter building will now be owned by the Heartview Foundation. However, the nonprofit treatment center won't manage the shelter and is looking for help to keep the facility open through the winter months.

It'll be a long winter for the homeless in Bismarck.

"If somebody can keep the shelter care moving forward, we'd be glad to offer the building through the winter months to do so. But if nobody is coming forward with a plan, we'll move forward with our renovations," said Heartview Foundation executive director Kurt Snyder.

The 25 current homeless apartments at the emergency shelter will transition to sober, recovery and supportive housing. The remainder of the building will be transitioned into additional treatment beds for Heartview residents.

"We are really excited about this new building, which gives us better ability to increase access," said Snyder.

If the emergency shelter doesn't continue and no one comes up with a plan, renovations to the building will be done in three months. But if the shelter does continue, renovations will be delayed until spring.

"I feel horrible about the situation that those individuals are in at that facility. So I really do hope that there are some groups that comes together with a plan," said Snyder.

Steve Neu, interim director of the Ruth Meiers Hospitality House, says selling the emergency shelter helps his organization and the Heartview Foundation.

"It puts us in a position where we can focus on our future and our programs that we need to focus on right now," said Neu.

The emergency men's shelter will be open through the rest of the week.

The availability of a homeless shelter for the rest of the Fall and Winter is unknown.

This Friday there'll be a community meeting to see if there will be a plan to keep the men's emergency shelter open or not.