Rural areas benefit from Great Plains Food Bank's Pop-up Perishable Food Program

BEULAH, N.D. - Great Plains Food Bank is taking meals to rural communities with a Pop-up Perishable Food Program.

On Wednesday, it stopped in Beulah.

According to New Life Worship Center, Beulah doesn't qualify for any food assistance from the state, but there's still a need. New Life says it served 124 households from 2-4 p.m, Wednesday.

"Sometimes people need a helping hand. The foods just going to expire anyway, so we can find people to use it we volunteer an afternoon," said Theresa Moore, volunteer for New Life.

Volunteers say there's a need in the community that sometimes people don't see.

"Mercer County is known for having power plants and coal mines, and we don't really see this as a county that has needs to this degree where people need food for their next meal," said Duane Sayler, volunteer for New Life.

And it's a great way to bring the community together.

"This has been a huge eyeopener, not only for our church, but for different ones in our community that I've talked with and said, 'well, why is a food truck coming to Beulah, Mercer County, isn't everybody rich?' No that's not the case," said Sayler.

Great Plains Food Bank will be going to Carrington at the end of the month, then to Center in September. For the list of the stops visit:

New Life in Beulah also has a pack and play, which is a fun event for families that gives children an opportunity to bring home 12 cold lunches.