Roosevelt Park Zoo suffers two losses this year

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MINOT, N.D. - The Roosevelt Park Zoo has suffered two losses this year.

The zoo lost its male and female Bactrian camels and one of the animals spent its whole life in Minot.

A favorite at the Roosevelt Park Zoo is missing today.

"We had Bactrian Camels here in this habitat. So at the beginning of the year we had two here. Mulan and Poopy had been here for many many years. Poopy was actually born here. He was 18 years old and he passed away late in September," said Jennifer Kleen, Roosevelt Park Zoo executive director.

His death follows his partner, 19-year-old Mulan.

"Mulan was 19 which she passed this spring both of them had been going through some medical treatments that were related to just their age," said Kleen.

The animals were beloved by the community, but their happiness and quality of life were of utmost importance to zoo staff.

"Our camels were near the end of their expected life span. Our animals care always comes first. We always make sure that our animals our comfortable. We're going to keep them around for our community absolutely, but we're going to make sure that they're comfortable first," said Kleen.

Mulan and Poopy were treasures that will be missed by the entire community.

The zoo is looking into getting a new young camel but with no partner for it that process has slowed. Zoo staff says they plan to update Roosevelt Park Zoo Facebook page once a companion is found.