Roosevelt Park Zoo and its volunteers

MINOT, N.D. - The Roosevelt Park Zoo relies not only on its staff to function, but also on the tireless work of volunteers from the community.

Next week, the zoo will be holding its first-ever volunteer fair.

If you've been to the zoo you know the two outgoing camels, Priya and Sisco. But who you might not know is Sisco's namesake and zoo volunteer Rex Sisco.

Sisco got involved with the zoo back in 1983. Now he spends every Tuesday afternoon there, helping keep the food bins full for all the hungry animals.

"Volunteering here is a lot of fun. It's a good thing people should do. They don't take a whole lot of your time. It's rewarding and they appreciate you doing it,” said Sisco.

Appreciation is an understatement.

"Our volunteers are the bread and butter, our meat and potatoes. Whatever good thing you can think of on volunteers we are grateful to have them around here,” said Jennifer Kleen, Minot Zoo Crew executive director.

Over the years, Sisco has left his mark on the zoo. From road trips across the country to pick up new animals, to creating new and different enrichment tools for them.

"We put these holes in them. Then they hang them up in the cages and the animals have to learn how to get the food out of them. So we did a bunch of these,” said Sisco.

Volunteering isn't all hard work. Sisco says he has bonded with many of the animals over the years. It's a passion project that's turned into much more.

"And it's something we would like to make better for the community. For the people here in the community to have. So it just became something I enjoy doing for my kids, and for the other kids in town,” said Sisco.

Helping a great place for a great community.

The zoo's volunteer fair will be on Wed, March 20 at the Visitors Center from 3:00-6:30 pm. There is no obligation required.