Roosevelt Park Zoo Centennial Photo Book

MINOT, N.D. - The Roosevelt Park Zoo turns 100 in 2021, and North Dakota's oldest zoo in is hoping to celebrate in a big way.

For hundreds of years photos have been a way for people to look back on memories. The zoo decided to create a centennial photo book, of the communities' memories.

"One thing that I am really looking forward to, you know that lion fountain that we have out here in the summer time? I don't know when it arrived. And I know that every family who has come to the zoo in the summer time has a photo with that lion fountain. I'd love to see a collage of that,” said Minot Zoo Crew Director Jennifer Kleen.

On top of creating a book, the zoo plans to hang the photos in the very first building.

The Zoology building was built in 1912. Although it has changed a bit, it no longer houses the tigers, but it's now home to the birds, and the original walls still stand.

Kleen says the zoo has some old photos but there is a gap in their archives.

"A lot of the photos I have are not as old as you'd think they are. I have a lot of photos for the 70s. I don't know if that had to do with the 69 flood. But some of those older photos were lost. So if you have something prior to 1970, we want those,” said Jennifer Kleen.

You can send your photos to the zoo by email at or bring them to the zoo in person and they will scan them for you.