Roosevelt Park Zoo Annual Easter Egg Hunt Brings on the Adrenaline Rush

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MINOT, ND - What better way than to celebrate Easter than with the animals and friends at the zoo?

The Roosevelt Park Zoo held their annual Egg Hunt today from one to three pm.

The adrenaline rushing egg hunt is different from most egg hunts with hunters racing for empty eggs and redeeming an entire bag of candy for them.

The zoo scattered thousands of eggs in four age defining stations throughout the park.

More than 600 children showed up to the event, celebrating the spirit of Easter in a community favorite venue.

"There's not a lot of Easter egg hunts I guess in town so yea this is perfect, and they get to see the animals too," said the Folden family.

"We are here because of the community. We're here because of their support. Our primary mission is education and conservation and the only way we an pass that on is to reach these younger kids. What better way than to have a Easter hunt to do that," said Jennifer Kleen, Roosevelt Park Minot Zoo Crew Executive Director.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo's Summer Season starts April 29th. Hours are ten to six through the Monday and are expected to extend throughout the remainder of the summer.