Rolla leaders cite dozens of reasons for firing police chief

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ROLLA, N.D. – There are new revelations in the case of the firing of the former Rolla Police Chief.

The Rolla City Council has addressed what they say are 47 reasons for the dismissal of former police chief Joe Boehm, nearly a month after firing Boehm without offering a reason.

These reasons were laid out in a Nov. 6 letter sent to Boehm by the city's attorney, Michelle Gibbens, referring to multiple documented incidents of misconduct and inefficiency.

Gibbens, who read the letter at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, cited incidents of misconduct, including the use of a city police car in a wedding ceremony, Boehm saying he wanted to quit, and a failure on Boehm’s part to report vacations.

Gibbens mentioned Boehm's vacation issues as a lack of efficiency as well.

“In total, there are approximately 47 documented incidents and/or concerns in your file, which had been considered by the Rolla City Council in their decision on October 18th, to dismiss you as the Rolla Chief of Police,” said Gibbens, reading the letter.

Boehm was not there to comment, but one councilmember said they could not support this without hearing Boehm's side of the story.

We reached out to the former chief who denies ever seeing the list or the file.

"If there are 47 incidents wouldn't a reasonable person think after let’s say 10 incidents they would fire a person,” said Boehm in a statement.

Boehm also said he was aware of potential recall efforts in the works in Rolla from people who were upset with how the situation unfolded.

Chris Wright, the sergeant with the police department who took over for Boehm, has also announced his intentions to resign, but for an unrelated issue involving a conflict with a second job.