Rocks to raise breast cancer awareness

BISMARCK, N.D. - One Bismarck family is hoping to spread the message of hope, strength and faith to those affected by Breast Cancer.

Rocks and paint could go a long way according to one Bismarck family.

"You paint rocks with messages, symbols, words of hope and inspiration. And then you hide them around town," said Sanford Health development officer Erin Green.

The idea came about when Green was prepping for the Sanford Breast Cancer Awareness walk and her sister mentioned the Facebook group Bismarck Rocks.

They began decorating the more than four hundred rocks on their kitchen table. Then more people wanted to get involved across the community.

“My whole class painted them and so did a 7th grade class in art. So we got like a lot more rocks," said awareness artist Tymmarig Grom.

"I like the part where you put a smile on somebody's faces when they see them," said awareness artist Kiera Grom.

The rocks serve as a stepping stone to spread awareness within the community.

"People already knew what was going on and thought it was cool that we were putting them out and everything and we had people that had breast cancer or some other type of cancer so it's good that people already knew what was going on and they weren't oblivious to it," said Tymmarig.

You can find the rocks in various places around town, like the Bark Park and the zoo.