Rocks spreading joy around Bismarck

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An art project that started in Tennessee and Arkansas has made its way up to Bismarck.

Now, many Bismarck residents are joining in on the project, and trying to spread a piece of joy and positivity.

What's hard, colorful, and something that you can find all over town?

Miniature masterpieces like a rock- which are a part of a bigger project.

"I love to pay it forward. It brightens our day, so we might as well brighten everybody else's," said Jodi Schlatter, who was searching for rocks with her family.

Jodi Schlatter is talking about Bismarck Rocks.

It's art project that's like a Easter egg hunt, or like a treasure hunt.

But instead of just hiding and searching for candy- people are hiding joy.

"Yesterday morning, about 9:00 in the morning, it was sitting by the front door," said Mack Ternes, co-owner of 3Be Meats.

People have painted and have hidden the rocks around town.

At the zoo.

At the park.

And at 3Be meats.

"Yeah that's pretty cool that someone would take the time and effort to do a pig just for us. I know a lot of them are being re-hidden around town, but I think we're going to keep this one and display it in our shop," said Ternes.

Andrea Williams' family has painted more than 20 with Disney characters and scriptures written on them.

"Put it at a couple of local churches in town. And you know some of it is pictures to just brighten somebody's day, or whether it's a saying to inspire somebody," said Williams.

The goal is to spread joy, and encourage people to pass on their own positive messages.

The Facebook page Bismarck Rocks explains how anyone can join in.

Paint a rock...hide it where someone can find it... And if you find one, you can keep it or pass it on.