Road expansions planned for 4 Bismarck streets

BISMARCK, N.D. - Street changes are in the works for Bismarck. Four major thoroughfares will be getting extra lanes in the next few years.

The Department of Transportation gave Bismarck a $1 million plus grant last year, which the city has to match 10-percent.

Lane numbers could be changing on four roads in Bismarck.

"Any time you get in somebody's turn lane and they start to back up it gets to be a problem. So, that should make things smoother," said Bismarck resident Blaine Nelson.

Divide Ave. from 26th St. to Schafer St., Washington St. from Divide Ave. to Calgary Ave., 4th street from Boulevard Ave. to Century Ave., and 19th st. from Divide Ave. to Hay Creek Court are all part of the city's plan to ease traffic flow.

"There are some drawbacks because we'd either have to take parking on one side or potentially parking on both sides to convert some of that surface area on the roadway into a turn lane, instead of a parking facility," said Bismarck City Engineer Gabe Schell.

Some drivers don't see the need for change.

"Most of the time when somebody's turning left in front of you on those roads they're wide enough to just go around the person so I don't see how that's even a problem," said Bismarck resident Megan Isaak.

The project was approved to begin in 2021 but the city engineer says the DOT said they could start sooner. Tuesday night the Bismarck City Commission approved for the plan to be moved up to 2019.