Road construction continues on Main Street in williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Downtown Williston is getting a road makeover. The project of repairing cracks in the concrete has been ongoing since 2014 and directors say it's a relief to get started.

“There were weather issues in those years we had. It was a large project and it just took longer than anticipated. At any time you’re working in a downtown setting like that, everything's confined. The contractors don't have room to move so things just take longer,” said Wayne Wiedrich, City of Williston operations of engineering.

So far, concrete removal, sealing and stitching are the many operations workers have had to face. They’ve been working ‘round the clock in order to accommodate surrounding businesses.

“There's not a lot of repair work that's being done. That's why we are able to get through this so fast. With the project of this size you have these issues. It's not uncommon at all,” said Wiedrich.

The Main Street construction needs to get done, but it's affecting certain businesses in the process.

“The construction hurts, but it’s only one week. What hurts us more than anything else is there's no parking,” said Jerry Wong, Hula Grill owner.

“Downtown construction hasn't really affected us. They just finished the first block on 6th Street to 5th Street and that didn't bother me. It bothered me when I was going to work,” said Chuck Wilder, Books on Broadway owner.

While the construction has been somewhat stressful for most business owners, they say the city workers’ procedures have been great.

“The construction people have been super. They come in and give us updates every day and they told us today they may be out of here as early as Thursday or Friday of this week, which is ahead of schedule so we're really happy with that,” said Wong.

Unexpected delays and road closures are frustrating to drivers, but for city workers it's all in a day’s work to ensure your safety. The scheduled completion date to finish all roads is June 29.