Road construction continues as usual despite hot temps

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Most of us can hide out from the heat, but there are some people whose jobs require them to be outside 24- 7.

On a 100 degree day, you'll find most people at the pool, inside, or hiding under the shade.

But you'll find road construction crews where they always are- handling business as usual.

"Things like heat or snow are more likely to impact the construction schedule, but really with heat they're more likely to stay on track," said Amanda Godfread, Public Information Officer for the I-94 project.

Whether its 100 degrees or 20, crews are always out working. The only thing that changes is the time that they're working.

"We'll start earlier so wee get off later in the afternoon, instead of working late into the afternoon when the heat really gets bad. So by 3:30, we've got our shift in," said Keith Glass, Bismarck Roads and Streets Department Supervisor.

Glass says most of the road projects around Bismarck are still on track to be completed on time.

The I-94 road project is also slated to be finished by its original completion date.. November of this year.

"This weekend, when it's supposed to be hot, or towards the end of the week, when its supposed to be hot, construction will still continue as planned," said Godfread.

But employers do urge crews to take precaution while working under the extreme conditions.

"If they start excessive sweating, if they feel like they're getting a headache or anything, we usually get them in and get them in a cool place," said Glass.

Crews also drink more water and wear lighter clothing during the hot weather.