Rising gas prices to have negative consequence on summer events

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MINOT, N.D. - Gas prices are projected to rise to the three-dollar mark by the fourth of July, that's according to gasbuddy.com.

As gas prices continue to rise, the question lingers. Will the Magic City's famous summer events like the State Fair suffer?

"The carnival itself, those rides run on diesel and yes so that price will definitely effect the carnival. Plus they travel many miles to get here along with all of our vendors. It will be an impact," said State Fair Manager, Renae Korslein.

To put things into perspective, gas prices have been falling since May of 2013, where the average price of gas per gallon in North Dakota was $4.24.
Now entering the summer months of 2018, the gas price average is picking up across the state, reaching an average cost of $2.80.

"The gas prices will impact our livestock entries and those bringing in the 4-H and the FFA from across the state, so that means we need to offer better entertainment at a better price," said Korslein.

Despite the rise in gas prices, many people say that Minot is a place where the experience outweighs the cost it takes to get here.

"We still want people to come and be able to enjoy their vacation here and experience what Minot has to offer," said Visit Minot Executive Director Phyllis Burckhard.

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