Retired Army general helps Minot mark Memorial Day

MINOT, N.D. - A retired Army General and North Dakota native helped Minot residents honor their fallen heroes.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Sinn (ret.) offered the keynote address at the Memorial Day ceremony at Rosehill Cemetery.

Sinn lives in northern Virginia but he went to high school in Garrison.

He shared with the crowd stories from fellow soldiers on the meaning of Memorial Day, and also talked about the emotions he felt when driving past Arlington National Cemetery.

“We know that their loved ones have and shall always miss them. I continue to feel proud to be an American, and a native in North Dakota, especially today when we should remember the courage of the servicemen and women, their resoluteness and their actions,” said Sinn.

Monday’s ceremony also included the placement of a wreath, as well as the playing of taps.