Retaining wall, fire station projects in Minot postponed

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot City Council recently postponed a couple of major projects in the city.

Minot aldermen approved a motion to cancel the bid for the city hall retaining wall and move that project to 2022.

"This is the moment to get very small, to get conservative, and take some things off the table,” said alderman Josh Wolsky.

The $5 million wall will be paid for through Hub City funding, sales tax, and a capital account and cash reserves.

In addition to attempting to mitigate spending, some aldermen had other reasons for delaying the project.

"I think it's appropriate to put this project on hold for another reason which is I think it should be married in some form or tied in some form to our larger city hall conversation," Wolsky said.

The council also voted to postpone construction on the new fire station for a year.

City engineer Lance Meyer said postponing it will free up money for other projects.

"By delaying those projects the goal is to make sure that we have funding available for other needs that the council has prioritized," Meyer told Your News Leader.

The postponements saved more than $3 million in Hub City funds according to city manager Tom Barry.

Minot leaders will decide if any maintenance to the wall is necessary before its reconstruction in the next city council meeting.